Rs Aero – Top scorer in Olympic single-handed class Team May 3, 2019 No Comments

Rs Aero – Top scorer in Olympic single-handed class

The Evaluation Report regarding Equipment for the Olympic One-Person Events (2024 and beyond) has been published today by World Sailing. RS Sailing is proud that the RS Aero achieves the highest overall score in the extremely comprehensive report, which analyses all key aspects of the boats and their production: RS Aero          80% Laser               69% Melges 14       54% D-Zero             52% World Sailing Equipment Committee will discuss the Evaluation Report and make a recommendation to Council, for its selection decision, at the Mid-Year meeting on May 18/19. We believe the RS Aero, backed by RS Sailing’s commitment to the sport, capabilities and commercial stability, offers a great opportunity to move the game forward at all levels. We trust World Sailing’s Council will agree and select the highest scorer from the long evaluation process. Our thanks to the Evaluation Panel for their many hours of work in assessing the boats […]

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RS200s at Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club Team April 4, 2019 No Comments

RS200s at Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club

Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club hosted the RS200’s to their first GP event of the season, courtesy of their helpful landlord Bristol Water. The fleet welcomed plenty of new sailors notably Russ Cosgrove and Lucy Mallory who picked up the Rooster Endeavour prize.The youth teams were on excllent form with Jamie and Bettine Harris showing many experienced sailors the way to go finishing 5th. Despite an extremely light forecast on Saturday the  race officer set an excellent course and 2 fair races were held. Tom and Jo Hewitson disappeared into a gust to take the first race, and Jamie and Bettine found some great pace to win the second. Saturday evening had a successful social in  Cheddar together wtIth the RS400’s. Sunday was a perfect  breeze with on and off planing all day. The consistent pair of Olly Turner and Sam Motttershead won the 3rd race. Race 4 was won […]

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RS Aero: A bright future ahead? Team March 15, 2019 No Comments

RS Aero: A bright future ahead?

The World Sailing evaluation event for the Men’s and Women’s One-Person dinghy closed on Friday in Valencia. The Evaluation Team asked the manufacturers and Classes taking part not to release reports during the trials in order to avoid biased views influencing the panel. The RS Aero team complied with that request…   We also presented standard boats, as requested, which again sadly cannot be said of another manufacturer who seemed more focussed on speed over compliance. We were happy to put forward the RS Aero both for evaluation on the water and through presentations regarding: Universality – world spread and existing infrastructure in place to develop it quickly Advanced manufacturing processes and quality control systems – to ISO9001 and aerospace / automotive industry standards Equipment costs, competitive longevity and low true competition costs – and ongoing price control proposals It is absolutely not for us to seek to predict the […]

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Staying safe when buying or selling a dinghy Team February 3, 2019 No Comments

Staying safe when buying or selling a dinghy is one of the world’s leading website for buying and selling dinghies. The following is a guide for staying safe when buying and selling dinghies. Meet face to face and tell others when and where you’re going Meet in daylight if you can. If you need to meet at a house or remote location, always have a friend with you. Never send payment for items you haven’t seen The safest way to buy a dinghy is to see and check what you’re getting before you pay for it. If an ad or reply sounds too good to be true, it probably is Everyone likes a bargain, but do your research and know the fair market value for the item. Ask lots of questions and request paperwork and receipts. Search your seller’s name, email address and/or number online to check if they have any history or reviews. Beware of fake […]

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Sell my dinghy Team February 2, 2019 No Comments

Sell my dinghy

“I’m going to sell my dinghy’ are the six words that’ll change your life forever. There is an inexplicable bond between man and boat. Whether you’ve celebrated victories together, overcome challenges, battled the elements or spent many an afternoon whiling away the hours. Selling your dinghy is not a decision to be taken lightly! But at we help! Let’s take a couple of minutes to address three fundamental questions; ‘where can I sell my dinghy’, ‘how much is my boat worth’ and ‘how to write a good dinghy advert’? Where can I sell my dinghy? The key to selling in a niche market, especially one that is geographically spread like sailing, is reach. A quick sell at the right price is reliant on reaching as many sailors as possible, and there’s 11,073 miles of coastline around the United Kingdom alone! So how do you do it, and cost effectively too? […]

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Which Dinghy To Choose Team January 30, 2019 No Comments

Which Dinghy To Choose

Which dinghy to choose?! When buying a dinghy, the choice of sailboats can be overwhelming. If you’re looking to race, then a great starting point is to review the dinghy National Championship attendance table (please see below) or SailRacer. Otherwise, if you’re not too fussed about dinghy racing and just want to have some fun (!), then this’ll be the article for you: Tips For Buying A Dinghy. Which dinghy to choose Class Name 2015          2016          2017          2018          Topper 205 173 187 223 RS200 75 96 99 114 RS Tera 108 124 124 112 RS Feva 89 110 111 106 Solo 69 83 90 102 Supernova 67 110 89 101 Squib 47 57 40 100 Laser Radial 104 65 0 85 One Metre 80 70 0 81 RS Aero 77 70 114 67 Merlin […]

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Tips For Buying A Sailing Dinghy Team January 29, 2019 No Comments

Tips For Buying A Sailing Dinghy

Tips For Buying A Sailing Dinghy. Buying a sailing dinghy is not just a big investment, but also a lifestyle choice. With so many dinghies to choose from, the great news is that there’s a dinghy out there for everyone! The following guide shares a few of my personal thoughts, which should help you to navigate through the various dinghy classes and types. So let’s get started with just three key considerations. Tips For Buying A Sailing Dinghy What will you be using the dinghy for? Are you looking for a dinghy to help improve your overall fitness, to use for cruising or to compete on. Who will you be sailing with you? ‘Single handed’ and ‘Double handed’ dinghies are the most common. In normal speak, that’s either sailing on your own or with someone else! What can you comfortably sail? Single handers. Just a few of my dinghy favourites. If […]

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Welcome to Team July 28, 2018 No Comments

Welcome to

FOR SAILORS. BY SAILORS. Whilst we appreciate fast cars, supercharged engines and break neck speeds, it’s harnessing the sheer awesomeness of what nature has to throw at us that we love best. Sailing is a skill, a lifestyle and an identity. It’s something special, that few get to experience, love and cherish. From screaming reaches, great memories and company, to escapism, adventures and mishaps, sailing is something special, it’s unique and it’s what we live for. Whether it’s time for an upgrade, to purchase your first boat, or sadly sell, we’re here to make things easy. We recognise that the wants and needs of a sailboat sailor differs from other water sports. Thats why we’ve dedicated this website to you! Enjoy! And please feedback to us 🙂 Sell your dinghy today!

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