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RS Aero: A bright future ahead?

The World Sailing evaluation event for the Men’s and Women’s One-Person dinghy closed on Friday in Valencia.

The Evaluation Team asked the manufacturers and Classes taking part not to release reports during the trials in order to avoid biased views influencing the panel. The RS Aero team complied with that request…  

We also presented standard boats, as requested, which again sadly cannot be said of another manufacturer who seemed more focussed on speed over compliance.

We were happy to put forward the RS Aero both for evaluation on the water and through presentations regarding:

  • Universality – world spread and existing infrastructure in place to develop it quickly
  • Advanced manufacturing processes and quality control systems – to ISO9001 and aerospace / automotive industry standards
  • Equipment costs, competitive longevity and low true competition costs – and ongoing price control proposals

It is absolutely not for us to seek to predict the outcome of the evaluation which, we are sure, will be released through the proper channels in due course after proper analysis.

There is now a rare opportunity to move on from the current 50 year old design and technology and a commercial organisation that appears locked in dispute, with sailors and event organisers often the victims. The RS Aero offers the opportunity to make a positive difference with a cool new boat, evolution not revolution (because that’s what universality requires) and a great brand to support it all going forward.

So, perhaps most significantly, we’d like to believe we offered a Class and manufacturer, working together and dedicated to being great partners for sailors and World Sailing going forward. Dedicated to the goal of building the pathway and building sailing from youth to elite level. A fresh start in safe, enthusiastic hands.

We hope the decision makers will understand and grasp the opportunity, for the good of sailing.

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