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Staying safe when buying or selling a dinghy is one of the world’s leading website for buying and selling dinghies. The following is a guide for staying safe when buying and selling dinghies.

Meet face to face and tell others when and where you’re going
Meet in daylight if you can. If you need to meet at a house or remote location, always have a friend with you.

Never send payment for items you haven’t seen
The safest way to buy a dinghy is to see and check what you’re getting before you pay for it.

If an ad or reply sounds too good to be true, it probably is
Everyone likes a bargain, but do your research and know the fair market value for the item. Ask lots of questions and request paperwork and receipts. Search your seller’s name, email address and/or number online to check if they have any history or reviews.

Beware of fake websites and emails
We’ll never ask you for login, password, bank or credit card details over email or text. If anyone does, report it. Also, visit and check websites directly, never through a link you’ve been sent.

Don’t carry large sums of money when meeting up
If you want to buy an item, agree a price in advance and only take that amount.

Good luck in finding your perfect dinghy, and stay safe.

The team.

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