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Class News & Results

We would like to invite all Class representatives to share their race reports with us and our followers!

To make life easy for you guys, here are a couple of guidelines for submitting a race report. Please;

  • Write your report in Microsoft word. Please do not submit PDFs or scanned documents.
  • Mention the full name of the club, the classes involved, when the event took place, who wrote the report and who took the photos.
  • Break your report down into paragraphs for easy reading.
  • Include results tables where possible. 
  • Include one photo as an attachment and saved as a JPG file. Please try and keep the size of the file to under 1MB and only submit an image that you have permission for to use.  
  • Spellcheck and read through your report before sending.
  • Email your report to
  • And finally, if you later spot a mistake in your report, don’t worry! Simply email a description of the changes to and we’ll tweak it for you.

Thank you

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