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Optimist Sailing Dinghy

Optimist Sailing Dinghy

The Optimist sailing dinghy is a single-handed racing dinghy ideal for children up to the age of 15, it is also known as an ‘Opti’ ‘Opi’ or ‘Oppie’. the Optimist comes complete with a mainsail and sturdy hull design, is easy to sail and makes a fantastic starter boat.

With over 150,000 Optimists registered worldwide, the Optimist sailing dinghy is a popular class with an active international class association. The Optimist was designed by Clark Mills in 1947 and is usually made of fibreglass, although the classic wooden Optimists are still available.

The Optimist has a PY number of 1642.

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Optimist Specification

Optimist Length2.36m
Optimist Beam1.12m 
Optimist Hull Weight35kg
Optimist Mainsail3.3sqm 
Optimist Hull ConstructionFibreglass or plywood
Optimist FoilsPlywood or composite
Optimist DesignerClark Mills
Optimist PY1642
Optimist UK Class

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