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Topper Sailing Dinghy

The Topper sailing dinghy is a single-handed racing dinghy, built by Topper Sailboats. A fun and pretty much indestructible design, the Topper has been a family favourite for many generations, is perfect for kids and a greater starter dinghy. 

An Award winning One-Design, the Topper is also ideal for racing and comes complete with two rig options (sail sizes), a 4.2 and a larger 5.3. The Topper is fast, light and easy to right when capsized, it’s also simple to rig and maintain.

A popular international class, with a fantastic race circuit, there are approximately 50,000 Toppers world-wide. The Topper also forms part of the British Youth Sailing RYA recognised pathway to squad development.

A British design, the Topper was designed by Ian Proctor in 1977. The Topper is constructed of polypropylene, with an aluminium mast and boom. The Topper has a PY number of 1363.

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Topper Specification

Topper Length3400mm
Topper Beam1200mm
Topper Hull Weight43kg
Topper Mainsail4.2m2 and 5.3m2
Topper Hull ConstructionPolypropylene
Topper FoilsDaggerboard and lifting rudder.
Topper MastAluminium
Topper BoomAluminium
Topper DesignerIan Proctoer
Rs700 PY1400 (4.m2 sail) and 1357 (5.3m2 sail)
UK Topper Class

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